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Official Voting Recommendation for Today’s United States Elections – Presented by the hANNES wURST Board of Political Education

Dear U.S. Voter,

it is tough luck to have the freedom to vote in a state where only a criminal and a clown run for the highest office. Never before did the word „choice“ mean so little. My condolences.

However, there is still one meaningful action that you as a voter can take:

Why spoil your vote instead of not voting at all? By spoiling your vote you clearly signal that you refuse to give your vote to a criminal or a clown – but you are not too lazy to vote.

You may be hesitant thinking „but if too many voters that would normally vote for the clown spoil their votes, then they help bringing the criminal to power“. Or vice versa.

If you think like that, then you still haven’t realized that it really does not matter if a criminal or a clown govern your country and in this event you should vote for what you think is the lesser evil.

But if your conclusion is that it really does not matter and that this is not the democracy you want, then spoil your vote.

Sincerely Yours

Board of Political Education